Horseback riding in Sarajevo

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Aug 25
Jahanje konja Sarajevo

Horseback riding in Sarajevo
Horseback riding sport in Sarajevo have very long tradition and lately more and more new horseback riding lovers signing up for lessons, or for riding tours around Sarajevo. 
There are few equestrian clubs around Sarajevo, but Hidalgo is the closest one to the city. 

Horseback riding club Hidalgo location

Every visitor to Sarajevo know where old part of the city called Bascarsija is located. Cab/taxi ride from there will not take longer than 3 minutes to get to the part of the city called Sedrenik where Hidalgo is located. Google maps and precise location of Hidalgo.

Horseback riding for kids in Sarajevo

Horseback riding is not for adults only. Hidalgo have students that are younger than 5 years of age. 
Bring your kids to learn horseback riding with our instructors and trained horses.

Jahanje djeca Sarajevo

Škola jahanja za djecu u Sarajevu

Horseback riding tours in Sarajevo

Equestrian clubs Hidalgo in Sarajevo offering  horseback riding tours around Sarajevo. Enjoy Bosnian nature from the back of our trained horses. We can organize mountain tours for up to 7 people. See our blog and photos to see some of trails.

Jahanje oko Sarajeva

Jahanje po sarajevskim planinama i brdima

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